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When you buy Sully’s premium e-juice, you’re buying American. We use the highest quality, finest ingredients, from right here in the United
States for all of our e-liquids. 

Sully's House Juice 10ML

Apple - Think of an apple orchard in Vermont! A fresh and sweet red apple.

Beach - Beach will literally fill your pockets with sand and sunburn your shoulders. Ripe pinneapple and sweet mango!

Blueberry - This flavor tastes like sweet ripe blueberries popping in your mouth similar to your favorite blue candy.

Cherry - Just like that sweet red candy with undertones of cherry.

Cinnamon Apple Menthol - Deceptively cool dose of menthol, sweet and tangy green apple and a devilish bite of cinnamon.

Fireball Menthol - A strong cinnamon with a burst of menthol

Grape - The perfect grape flavor, sure to satisfy grape candy lovers while preserving the true fruit flavor

Melon Berry - This vape has a fresh sweet berry overtone caressed with hints of ripe melon.

Peach - Perfectly plump peach, Georgia has nothing on us!

Rainbow Frost - This will remind you of your favorite bubble gum with sweet fruits but a slight hint of refrshing menthol.

Strawberry - Pure and realistic strawberry while remaining light and sweet.

Strawberry Peach Freeze - It's just like the light frost on peaches dangling on the tree and strawberries on the vine.

Tropical Frost - Better than sitting on the beach with a breeze in your hair, it's the perfect pairing of orange, cranberry and peach blended into a cool sweet menthol.

USA tobacco - A realistic and delicious tobacco flavor! A full bodied tobacco experience.