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Who We Are


Hello, I am Chris Sullivan, the owner of Sully’s Vape Shop. I am a proud, retired MSgt in the Air Force of 20 years and a 20+year smoker. Let’s just say, the time has taken it’s toll and I have come to realize that because of physical training and my physical fitness test ever year, I could not smoke any more! When I discovered vaping, I realized I could still enjoy my relaxing, stress relieving, nicotine outlet in a much safer, non-carcinogenic, fragrant way. It was easy to replace cigarettes with vaping. It smells good, it feels similar to smoking and most importantly, I feel better. I can run without feeling winded! My wife and I both have been cigarette free for over two years and we don’t miss them at all. Our friend, Laura Barnett, who smoked much more than us, mentioned that she started to vape. When we heard of this, we knew that if she did it, we could too. I knew this was a hit and felt the inspiration to inspire smokers to invite a healthier, alternative that allows them to smoke without the repercussions of cigarettes. Come visit us!!!!!! Vape on Dover!.